Tregony Parish Council Council

Get Things Done!

The parish council is often contacted with reports of potholes, highway problems or enquiries about re-cycling etc. Did you know that members of the public are able to speed up the reporting process by doing it themselves?

There is a host of information and shortcuts to ‘getting things done’ by looking at the Cornwall Council website –↗. There you can look through the different offices – eg. Road, Highways and Pavements – and use the links to get further information or use the ‘search’ facility to find your subject. It’s easy to use. There you can use ‘Live Chat’ / email from the webpage or complete the relevant on-line form.

Some ideas:

Roads, Highways and Pavements:

  • Find out about current roadworks
  • Report a Pothole
  • Report a Highway problem
  • Report a Street works issue
  • And in the winter weather ….. find out about gritting and salting taking place

Waste Collection, Recycling:

  • Find your collection day & download calendar
  • Find household waste & recycling centres
  • Report a missed collection
  • Request recycling equipment