Tregony Parish Council Council

How you can help in these coronavirus dominated times

  • Do you know anyone on the Roseland who is worrying about CoronaVirus or who is self isolating for fear of catching it or because they might have it?
  • Do you know of a neighbour living alone or with no family or support network nearby?

The Roseland Surgeries Patient Group (RSPG) is here to help!

Our Community Coordinator is Hilary Box.

Hilary's role is to support people in our community and she can put them in touch with other agencies and those who can help.

Hilary can be contacted on 07494 161549. If she's not available leave a message on that number and she'll call you back.

Would you be able to help out with a little volunteering?

  • Could you be a voice on the end of the phone just for a chat to make sure someone’s OK and make them feel less isolated?
  • Could you deliver food to someone who is self isolating?  Just fetching the simple things like milk, bread and a newspaper could really help someone who’s worried about going out for supplies themselves.
  • Could you drop a note through someone’s door to ask if they’re OK or need help?  Ask them to do something simple like put their lights on at 12.00 midday as a signal that they’re fine – or better still phone you!

The Roseland Surgeries Patient Group (RSPG) is really keen to hear from anyone who could help, however much or little, to ensure that no-one is forgotten or abandoned within our community in these extraordinary times.

If you’d like to be added to the RSPG list of volunteers please call Hilary Box on 07494 161549.

Alternatively email Caroline () or email Simone (). In your email, please provide your name, your contact telphone number, the area where you live and how you can help.